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Interface Product Description

Many online active companies have already a perfect functioning onlineshop and a flexible ERP-system; but the separately managed systems are coordinated only insufficiently. It is very common that same or similar data sets are entered double. Incorrect entries are provoked and the integrity of data flows can not be guaranteed in the sense of shopsystems.

The ERP-system and the onlineshop system are not so coordinated that both systems can ensure the success of the online seller in an appropriate manner in practice. Our company provides an editing of the interface for the cooperation of shopsystem and ERP-system, which ensures that both systems receive and deliver the relevant data, so that a seamless data processing can be guaranteed. Unnecessary operations will be avoided by the interface programming, existing workflows will be tightened and optimized. With the optimization of the interface, the company’s success can be brought to the front.

The interface for the shopsystem must cope with different software worlds. For example, the Lexware interface ERP sets other parameters than the GS-Auftrag interface ERP. The Lexware interface ERP already has normalization methods of data input and output, but there must still be added detailinformation of a separate processing. The same can be said for other versions of the interface programming. The GS-Auftrag interface ERP operates largely on the basis of the logic of the GS-Office interface ERP, but also has specific requirements, as the order processing requires different technical implementations. The same applies to the Sage Office Line interface ERP.

SelectLine interface ERP and GS-Office interface ERP have a wide distribution in the online sector, but also other ERP-Systems will be covered by our interface programming. The SelectLine interface ERP is just like the Sage Office Line interface ERP in the trend, when it is about requirements for data-exchange processes. This of course also applies for the MOS-Tangram interface ERP. 

The MOS-Tangram interface ERP is not found as often as the Microsoft Dyn Nav interface ERP, also because Microsoft still is one step ahead in the field of software for employee-related systems. The Microsoft Dyn Nav interface ERP requires separate requirements, but this can also be said for the oxide interface. The oxide interface and other systems are of particular interest when the focus of consideration is given to the Open-Source-Software Magento. Magento has now matured to the standard in the onlineshop-systems, therefore the Magento interface ERP has strong consideration. But the Magento interface ERP is for us only an example for the perfect collaboration of onlineshop and product management. No matter which software you use on the part of the shop or on the part of ERP: We arrange the programming of the data processes that meets your needs and brings your company forward.

Frequently the following statement is valid, that the webshop is a separate system of data management in the company. You should forget this imagination, if you want to make your business fit for the future. Flexible work processes require a programming interface, which leaves no room for data differences. An interface is needed, that ensures the perfect workflow between shopsystem and ERP. Entrust us with this task, because with our years of experience we can provide the best results for you.

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